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FogRose is a secret you keep; a place of tender moments, gentle reflection, and great imagination. Our Atelier offers beautiful and delicious culinary creations to inspire curiosity and ignite wonder at the conjunction points of urban life. Our philosophy is simple: follow your bliss. We aim to craft, with great sensitivity, what inspires and comforts.


We are grateful to be the first dessert-forward restaurant in Bellevue with a craft cocktail bar and liquid nitrogen ice cream. Come to our intimate creative space to experience visually stunning foods and beverages, and take a moment to be joyful and present. 



Our dine-in service is on "paused" until Summer of 2021. We look forward to welcoming you back then.

You can still order custom cakes, cupcakes, macarons, ice cream, and gift boxes through our website during this period. All orders can be picked up between 4 PM and 5 PM, Wednesday through Sunday.

Thank you for your continued support. We never could have imagined this would be the first year for our beloved restaurant. We hope to come back stronger and can't wait to see you when it's time to reopen fully.



We are a small team of individuals who care deeply about hospitality, creating beautiful products, and maintaining an elevated customer service experience. We offer essential health benefits, living wages, flexible schedules, and career advancement opportunities. Our ideal team member is caring, authentic, kind, and efficient. If you are highly creative and enjoy making beautiful edible art, apply to work, learn, and grow with us. We can’t wait to hear your story and support the things that are important to you. 

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FogRose ice cream is of a different kind. We focus on all natural ingredients and use liquid nitrogen to create a smooth, dense, and creamy texture. Signature flavors include Blueberry Lavender, Olive Oil, Quinoa, Banana Cream, Matcha, and Mango Cream.  


We're incredibly grateful to be on King 5 Evening, 425 Magazine, 425 Business, Delta Sky Magazine, and Seattle Met Magazine. Follow us on Instagram for updates and new flavor announcements!

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Artwork by Nora C.Y. Ng